Recipe: Tasty Dalgona coffe with strawberry milk

Dalgona coffe with strawberry milk. Dalgona, a Korean toffee color candy made with melted sugar and baking soda, now turned into a trendy coffee drink. Homemade Strawberry Milk - Crushed strawberries and milk. Dalgona coffee with strawberry milk is so yummy.

Dalgona coffe with strawberry milk ICYMI, Dalgona coffee only requires three ingredients and the milk of your choice. Dalgona Coffee + Chocolate = Mocha. You can also use Milo instead of milk, especially if you are a huge fan of mocha. You can cook Dalgona coffe with strawberry milk using 4 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Dalgona coffe with strawberry milk

  1. It's of Kopi hitam.
  2. Prepare of gula pasir.
  3. It's of air panas.
  4. You need of susu Strawberry.

If you have tablea, powdered For those who want to double their coffee intake or can't take the sweetness of the original Dalgona coffee recipe, you can also top your cup of joe with. Basically, dalgona coffee is instant coffee, sugar, and water whipped into a cloud-like consistency and plopped atop a glass of milk. Is it Hard to Make Dalgona Coffee at Home? In mid-March, whipped coffee became the trendy drink that everyone just had to try.

Dalgona coffe with strawberry milk instructions

  1. Campurkan kopi, gula dan air panas.
  2. Mixer semua bahan sampai mengental.
  3. Siap kan esbatu dan masukka susu strawberry, lalu masukan campuran yg sdh di mixer td.

Soon, whipped matcha made its debut, closely followed by whipped strawberry milk. The original whipped drink, also known as "dalgona" coffee for the Korean honeycomb toffee treat it tastes like, is made with. Apart from coffee, you can also use Milo as the froth. But if you're going to use Milo, better to use it with whip cream or pasteurized egg. Also, you can use milk as the whip and have coffee or milo as the base.